what is a glider recliner?

What Is A Glider Recliner? And Why You Should Care!

What is a glider recliner?

Every home that can afford it should have a recliner, better still, should have a glider recliner.

Rocker recliners chairs and specifically glider chairs are the latest on the market, they are great for nursing moments with your little one and are also great for relaxation and sleep.

So if you are a nursing mother, and you are reading this post, you may have to keep your eyes glued on the best gliders for nursing and breastfeeding on the market.

That said.


So What Is A Glider Recliner?

A glider is actually a chair that moves around smoothly, silently and effortlessly in a backward and forward motion.

Plus, a recliner chair is an armchair whose back can be lowered and foot can be raised to allow the sitter to recline.

A recliner, allows the sitter to move the upper body backwards and down in it with its adjustable backrest.


what is a glider recliner?

So what is a glider recliner therefore?

A glider recliner is a comfy and stylish armchair whose back can be lowered with its adjustable backrest and foot raise up with the support of a leg rest but that also moves around smoothly, silently and effortlessly in a backward and forward motion.

Then you may want to ask, are there other kinds of recliners that are do not move around smoothly and silently, backward and forward.

The answer is yes.


A Rocker Recliner and Glider Recliner

There are two types of recliner chairs on the market.

Rocker recliner and gliders are constructed differently and this singular reason (differences in construction) accounts for the type of movement and comfort level each recliner offers.

The rocker recliner chair is mounted on a curved support so that it can rock back and forth.

And that’s about all it does…it rocks back and forth and can also recline by lowering or tilting the back.

But the glider recliners chair is different.

The glider chair moves around (though back and forth too like a rocker does), but smoothly, effortlessly and silently and most often in 360 degrees if it is a swivel glider.

The glider recliner is built on a smooth ball bearings mechanism that makes it glide effortlessly on a pivot base.

Whereas the rocker recliner is designed in such a way that it can trap your legs, the glider does not.

What’s more, glider offer extreme comfort, relaxation, and nursing and breastfeeding sessions with its built-in prop-up leg rest.

This is even more beautiful when the glider comes with an ottoman stool that makes for real support for the legs.


Who and Why Should You Care About a Glider Recliner?

The taste of the pudding is in the eating.

The only way to know the beauty of a recliner is through use.

But who should care and why should you care.

1. Nursing and Breastfeeding Moms (Parents)

If you are mom or parent and truly care about that little one, then you would need a glider recliner, nursery glider to add to your baby nursery.

what is a glider recliner?

You may never have the best of comfortable nursing and breastfeeding time unless you get a nursery glider recliner.

This is even more beautiful if the glider recliner comes with a nursing ottoman stool to support your legs.


Tip: Read our detailed review of  best glider for new moms on the market.


2. Pregnancy Moms

One of the best item a pregnant woman needs for rest, comfort and posture control is a glider recliner.

You will never want for sleep and ease with a glider recliner.


3. Need to Relieve Stress!

A glider recliner helps you unwind after a long days work.

This is why recliners are parts and parcel of most modern working homes.

It is the best chair to take the stress away when you’re back home.

Just sit, recline and rest your nerves.


4. In Need of Extreme Comfort!

One of the top benefits of a recliner is the extreme comfort it delivers.

No chair in your house delivers the kind of comfort and rest that a glider recliner delivers.

The recliner tends to cuddle you and just take you in for a real relaxation.


5. Want Relief From Pain!

If you suffer from pain mostly a back pain, the glider recliner can help with great support.

This is even so when lying down on your mattress tends to be posing more danger to your back.

All you need is a lumber pillow to support your back and you are good to go with your recliner.


6. Want to Enhance Posture!

A glider recliner is designed in such a way that it doesn’t alter the posture of your body when you sit or recline in it.

If your doctor told you to sit in a particular way or position for a while due to a medical condition, a recliner can help you with such posture control without any problem.


7. One Who Cares About Standing Up and Sitting Down with Ease.

The best chair in your house that guarantees standing and seating down with ease is your glider recliner.

This is even more if the glider recliner comes with a multi-position lock recline mechanism.

And it doesn’t matter the height, the lock recline mechanism makes the glider the best standing up and sitting down chair in your home that money can buy.


So How Does a Glider Recliner Work

A glider recliner works with the ball bearing mechanism at the base that provides smooth, silent and effortless gliding motion.

Some of them are constructed on a metal base, while others on hard wood.

Most often, gliders swivel at 360 degrees.

what is a glider recliner?

Plus, glider recliners come with ample sitting space, padded armrest for elbow support and a firm backrest strong enough to hold your body when reclined.

They are also made of some of the best polyester fabric that are chemical retardants free.

Today, most glider rockers come with ottoman or built-in prop-up leg rest that help to deliver extra support to your back, knees and feet when gliding in tandem.


So What’s Better, A Rocker or a Glider!

Depending on your need, a glider recliner is best for pregnant women and for nursing parent with their babies.

This is because it offers a gentle feel and smooth soothing sleep inducing motion that every baby enjoys.

If feels heavenly really.

But for an adult who just like the good old days rocking tides, the rocker recliner may be your best choice.

If you like the stronger movements and sway, then a rocker recliner is your best choice.


What is a Glider Recliner and Where to Buy One!

If you are satisfied with our answer to what is a glider recliner, and have also seen the many health benefits it offers and also who should care, then you may want to ask also for the best place to buy one online.

Amazon.com stocks a wide range of gliders and rockers recliners from some of the best reputable brands in the world.

You can be sure to get some of the best glider recliners on Amazon.

More so, because many of the glider recliners on Amazon have a lot of verified customer reviews that will help inform your choice.


Final word

To the question, what is a glider recliner, we may never be able to exhaust it.

But we think we have done enough to provide you with more than just the answer to what is a glider recliner, more so, we have gone the extra mile to letting you who needs a glider recliner and why you should care.

A lot of benefits come with the use of recliners.

If you are a pregnant woman waiting for the arrival of your baby, you need even now a glider recliner for yourself and the baby on the way.

You may also have known that there’s no other best comfortable way to nurse and cuddle your little one and to breastfeed your baby as a mom other than the use of a nursery gliders and rockers.

So what are you waiting for?

And for people who need extreme comfort and even pain and stress relieve, a recliner too is necessity considering the good it offers.

So our verdict is: everyone needs a recliner irrespective of whether it is a glider or o rocker recliner.

Your need defines your choice.

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